We need volunteers !!

As a non-profit corporation, we are always looking for volunteers, either on our Board of Directors or our Supervisory Committee. Any position is strictly volunteer and there is no pay. But credit unions are like families, everybody has to pitch in and contribute.

We are looking for additional board members. It would require one board meeting every month for about an hour. We have occasional work sessions that may require another hour or two for a given month. The Board will set policy and oversee the CEO and his/her decisions and leadership.

We also need Supervisory Committee members. These people do audit work by coming into the office several times during a month and looking at the checking account, our loan files, and any other elements of the credit union that needs oversight.

If you are a member and willing to help with our growing organization, please contact Anna Redding, Board President, by email at aredding57@yahoo.com, and express your interest.